About Nordica - Villan

 Nordica - Villan is a small but very professional and knowledgeable Polish company that produces international stylish Homes in Scandinavian appearances.

Our markets are concentrated on our local market and on countries like Germany, United Kingdom and Norway. We plan our house with high energy savings in mind to fit in with government's plans in the 21st. century. Would you like to make one of your dreams come true "own your own House" then please contact us for more information's with no commitments. We have a superb choice of 2, 3, 4 or 5 bedroom homes made to your requirements but can also supply bespoke designed homes.

All houses are built to the latest building regulations all over the European Union to fit in your local area with 1st. class materials and with the flexibility for your performance on certain parts. Nordica - Villan is Proud to give high customer satisfactions with ownership on your future home.